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Ginhong is one of the leading industrial mixer suppliers in China manufacturing different types of mixers and blenders, 哪些被广泛用于生产奶油, 药膏, 化妆品中的乳液和乳液, 制药, 食品和化学工业. 跟随下面的十大彩票平台链接来了解更多关于每种十大彩票平台的信息 辅助机器 和金虹搅拌机一起工作.





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    的描述 辅助机器



    辅助 machines are machines or equipment which are not directly related to the mixing system or process but are essential in aiding the process. These machines or equipment provide supplementary or additional support in making the process flow more efficient which in turn produce high-quality end products.

    Ginhong manufactures several 辅助机器s such as the RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, LS风冷冷水机组, GL油气蒸汽锅炉和GL电气蒸汽锅炉.


    Ginhong manufactures products complying with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulat离子 enforced by the FDA. CGMP is vital for quality control of manufacturing plants as it entails proper design, 监控, 生产过程和程序的控制.

    遵守CGMP法规确保身份, 强度, 以及生产操作的质量.

    Tap water in its natural state contains many impurities and minerals such as chloramines, 硝酸, 磷酸, 硅酸盐, 和其他藻类营养物. This may cause harm on machine surfaces or cause unwanted chemical reaction to the ingredients being mixed. 除了, this water with impurities may also cause the early degradation of the boiler as it causes scaling and fouling. It is common in industrial systems that 水 circulating it should be pure - meaning it should not contain impurities and unwanted minerals.

    在这方面, Ginhong RO反渗透系统 is engineered and manufactured to purify water going in and out of the system ensuring high-quality water is being circulated in the system.


    顾名思义, the Reverse Osmosis System cleans 水 removing 90-99% of the contaminants by the principle of Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water is purified by passing it through a semi-permeable or a sponge-like membrane with a diameter of one ten-thousandth of a micron. 然后分离杂质, 离子, 水中的微生物和胶体, 满足化妆品卫生用水要求, 制药, 食品和化学工业.


    Ginhong RO反渗透系统 not only solves the troubles of frequent regeneration and sanitation, 还能减少系统停机时间, 提高生产正常运行时间,省却许多后顾之忧.

    Cooling systems can be used to lower down temperature of the product after mixing, 取决于十大彩票平台所需的温度. The LS Air cooled water chiller can accurately control the temperature, 从而导致系统的高效过程.

    LS风冷水冷机组是工业冷水机组的一种, 制造用于较低温度的机器, 组件, 十大彩票平台和工艺.


    The air-cooled water chiller works basically by cooling circulating water by a refrigerant. The heat exchange between 水 and 的制冷剂 occurs in a closed- loop system. 在此设置, 水, 被制冷剂冷却, 将其冷却到需要的温度, 然后循环回到制冷剂中再次冷却. 因此, 的制冷剂, 具有最佳的吸热性能, 将系统中的热量释放到环境中, 利用冷却器的风扇所利用的空气运动.

    系统中使用的部件有:压缩机, 用于压缩气化制冷剂, 冷凝器, 制冷剂向周围环境散发热量的地方, 膨胀阀, 和蒸发器, 制冷剂从热水中吸收热量.

    The refrigerant flows first to the compressor to increase its pressure. 然后它流过冷凝器, 制冷剂从蒸汽变成液体的地方, 当它液化时放出热量. After which, 的制冷剂 then goes through 膨胀阀, lowering its pressure. 最后,制冷剂进入蒸发器. This is where heat is absorbed by 的制冷剂, causing it to be turned into vapor. The vaporized refrigerant goes back to the compressor to restart the cycle.

    The mixing cooler operates according to the principle of an evaporative unit. The hot exhausted mixture flowing into the cooler is moistened and cooled by the outdoor heat of vaporization. The cooling process is intensified by a continuous mixing and blowing of the air, 它能去除水蒸气. 空气也可以作为冷却剂.

    风冷式冷冻机对许多行业都是非常重要的. 除了工业混合系统, they are also widely used in these industries: metalworking; mechanical engineering, 即, 注塑和吹塑工具, 焊接机器, 压铸的工具, and robotic machinery; electrical and electronics, such as power supplies and power generating stat离子; cosmetics, 医疗和制药, 食物 & 饮料, textile, paper, and construction such as cement processors.

    The application of heat is needed in almost all industrial processes in the 食物, 饮料, 制药, 化学和化妆品工业. 例如, milk and juice products must go through a pasteurizing process where they are heated to a particular temperature to guarantee the destruction of germs. In most industrial set-up, a steam boiler is used for the production of sufficient heat.

    金虹提供多种锅炉供您选择, be it a Steam Boiler running on oil or gas or a Steam Boiler running on electricity. These steam boilers provide the sufficient amount of heat through a steam jacket surrounding the mixing tank. 燃气或柴油被用来驱动产生蒸汽的锅炉, traveling through the pipes into the surrounding area of the mixing vessel.

    根据你的热需求, Ginhong determines the right GL油/气/电蒸汽锅炉 system for your process application whether it will be used in the 食物, 饮料, 制药, 化学或化妆品工业.


    Water at atmospheric pressure is initially contained in a water tank. A boiler feedwater pump pumps 水 at high pressure into the boiler. The water will then be passed through a series of tubes inside the boiler and heat will be applied to these tubes up until 水 evaporates producing steam at high pressure. The steam initially collects in an area above the boiler before exiting the boiler. The dome forces the steam to become highly condensed so that it will exit the boiler with a significant amount of pressure.

    金虹蒸汽锅炉也配备了安全阀, 它可以释放多余的蒸汽以防止爆炸. Their steam boilers also contain a drain, which removes contaminants and sediment.

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